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The elster a1700 offers superb measurement and complex tariff capabilities for use in. If your rm number is 548, 549, 645, 647 or 650 this is the meter type you may have. Products supplied by elster metering systems have been designed and manufactured, in accordance with appropriate standards, to operate under specified conditions, when properly installed. Elster launches new as300 residential smart electricity meter to meet international demand for advanced smart grid functionality new smart meter features aesthetic design and nextgeneration. For more information you can download our pdf files below. It measures a mixture of import and export active energy, fourquadrant reactive energy and apparent energy to provide a clear picture of usage. With one of the most extensive installed revenue measurement bases in the world and more than 200 million metering modules deployed over the course of the last 10 years alone, elster is enabling. Elster m210, elster water meters, elster m210 water meter.

Passing this manual to third parties and its duplication, in full or in part, are only allowed with written permission from elster gmbh. Honeywell elster ensuite software downloads support. What is being indicated by the order and frequency of each light. Elster alpha smart as300p wolfram connected devices project.

The t210 provides accurate remote readings for digital. Technical manual 12 introduction standards compliance iec. Honeywell elster software downloads support engineered for life. Elster smart meter if your meter serial number has a k in it, you have an elster meter. The s220 singlejet meter operates on the velocity principle where a jet of water enters the measuring chamber and drives the rotor. The rm number is located at the bottom left hand side of the meter. Elster metering systems would like to draw the users attention to the international standard for lithium batteries iec 600844 which gives further information about the handling, storage, transport and disposal of lithium cells. Anticipated acquisition by elster group gmbh of the water meter and boundary box business of severn trent metering services cr2009 the ofts decision on. It can be supplied with a micro switch for remote indication. On will deploy up to 100,000 elster smart meters in residential properties by the end of 2012, with up to 200,000 more being installed in 20 under the terms of a two year contract. Qa quantometer gas turbine meter features lightweight, aluminum construction reduces installation costs. Ilc2 users manual details for fcc id qzcilc2 made by elster solutions.

S220 singlejet meter best for all waters business name. Anticipated acquisition by elster group gmbh of the water. If approved, an update will appear on the site soon after. A range of communications solutions can be deployed to ensure secure and reliable communications. Click install to install as300 acculine visual system. Welcome to lock n load a cross game guild forums topic tag. The liquid crystal display version of the meter has a.

Download terms and conditions of sale pdf, 0,27 mb. Honeywell elster quantometers are highly reliable turbine gas meters, which are used in many industrial applications to determine the actual flow rate as well as consumption over a period of time fulfilling requirements of industrial, nonfiscal metering. Thank you for contributing to the wolfram connected devices project. A1100 single phase meter end users guide m180 002 2a 7. Use of form 9s, 10s, and 10a in 8s and 8a applications, and form 16s in form 15s application are also shown. On uk has selected elster as its smart metering partner for the first phase of its dual fuel smart metering rollout. Elster a1100 kwh meter with pulsed output three phase. I have just had an elster as300p smart electricity meter fitted but was not provided with any information about it.

The a1800 alpha meter meets or exceeds th e following iec standards for electricity metering. Singlejet meter for cold water continuous flow rate q 3 2. Honeywell elster product details produktkatalog europa. The companys policy is one of continuous product improvement and the right is reserved to modify the specification contained herein w ith ou n ce. Main differences between the as300rx and as300 communicator are. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. The s100 incorporates a visual valve position indicator. Honeywell elster product details products engineered. Elster is the worldwide leader for stateoftheart gas measurement and regulation, electronic systems and as a provider of modular skids. Elster launches new as300 residential smart electricity. Pr6 and pr7 domestic and commercial electronic pulse transmitters product specification pressure equipment directive 9723ec. You will find the address in the internet or simply enquire at elster gmbh.

The meter will cycle through the display settings automatically. Elster a1700 mid smart tariff meter uk504014, uk504021. Problems with elster a1700 gurux for dlms smart meters. Elster water metering manufactures water meters for utility, commercial and domestic use and offers a complete water metering portfolio including solutions for revenue metering, cost allocation. The guarantee becomes invalid if the product described here is not handled properly. Elster chosen for smart meter deployment energy management.

Elster is a world leader in measuring and improving the flow of natural gas, electricity and water in more than countries. Eworld is one of the key events in europe for the energy and water industries and features discussions on the smart grid and effective management of water and energy. Smart meter regulatory and guidance information sse. Honeywell elster water is a global business which provides world class metering solutions and advanced technologies to help water utilities to manage their water resources more effectively. Elsters a1200 alpha meter builds on the a alpha platform by offering an integrated real time clock, current transformer connection, and rs232 or rs485 communication. Honeywell elster metering solutions engineered for life. Elster metering systems tollgate business park, paton drive, beaconside stafford, staffordshire, st16 3ef united kingdom tel. If your meter serial number has a k in it, you have an elster meter. The s110 singlejet meter has been in service not only in european operating conditions but also in many harsh environments outside europe where it has given first class service. These include phase failure monitoring a, b and c, reverse run count, energy reading and alarm, power fail, phase fail and elapsed hours rate 1, rate 2 and cumulative. Low and highfrequency pulse outputs allow remote instruments. V200v210 rotary piston meter for durable and accurate measurement. Polyphase smart tariff meter manufactured by elster.

Reading an elster a1140a1120 meter if your rm number is 648, 651, 627, 553 or 551 this is the meter type you may have. Elster showcased one of its latest smart electricity meters, the as300, and its new rapid deployment solution rds at eworld 2011 in essen, germany, from february 8 through 10. Rotary piston meter for cold water nominal size q 3 2. The manual reset has an automatic integral equalising valve ensuring safe resetting procedures and eliminating costly bypass systems. I want to know what the indicator lights on the meter are trying to tell me. The scancounter t210 electronic outreader is designed specifically for accurate counting of water meter pulse outputs. Inexpensive and reliable, the scancounter t210 is a cost effective solu tion to meter reading access problems.

This meter may have an auto scroll feature that changes screens automatically. Elster alpha smart as3000 wolfram connected devices project. Buy elster s100 over pressure shut off valve from dms metering solutions, independent supplier of metering and control solutions. As300rx receiver or as300 communicator two types of receiver are available the as300rx and as300 communicator. Press the button only if the meter has no auto scroll. Looking for downloadable 3d printing models, designs, and cad files. The following will help you to get your meter readings off your smart meter for both residential and business customers. Elster smart meter if your meter serial number has a.

Elster s100 over pressure shut off valve 10 to 80mm. It utilizes a piston where the water rotates in a measuring chamber, each piston revolution being equivalent to a known volume of water. With a comprehensive array of interchangeable features and functions, elster plans to market specific variations of the as300 that meet the individual requirements for each customer it serves. The as300p forms an integral part of elster s ami solution that manages data from smart electricity, gas and water meters. The security input requires a loop connection to the common input between pin 2 and pin 4. Elster water metering limited is a world leader in providing innovative water metering solutions, including low flow and leakage detection applications. Form 14s and 14a applications are simply 4 wire wye services and would. Alpha meter il424001s 4 installation wiring all available alpha meter forms are listed and separated with respect to the type of service being metered. Elster metering systems should be contacted by the user should difficulties arise in arranging proper disposal.

The as300p forms an integral part of elsters ami solution that manages data from smart electricity, gas and water meters. For fiscal applications honeywell offers fiscally approved meters e. Elsterinstromet elster gmbh elster american meter 4 pate road, melton mowbray steinern str. Mdms and head end applications are available to meet individual utilitys requirements. Available in sizes 15mm and 20mm with nominal flow rates of q3 2. The elster a1100 three phase 100a direct connected meter offers high security with many useful security features. Platen button the platen button either retracts the platen into the printer or ejects the platen out of the printer depending on its position when the button is pressed. Mas also comes with the jslinger module, a powerful driver for file transfer. The a1800 alpha meter meets or exceeds the following ieeeansi standards for electricity metering, and it is intended for use by commercial and industrial utility customers. The purchaser or delegated contractor is responsible for the putting into service of any elster. Permanently lubricated bearings eliminate regular maintenance. The programmed reading units and multiplier are noted by a sticker affixed to the t210 in the serial number recess above the. The scancounter t210 is installed in a location eas ily accessed by the.

Two main versions of the a1100 meter are available. Reading smart meters electric smart meters different smart meters are read in slightly different ways. Honeywell elster terms and conditions metering solutions. Elster m210 hybrid multijet water meter is part of the range of advanced water meters available from elster the advanced features of the elster m210 include electronic sensing of rotor speed, integrated emerisr radio technology, and, as an option, integrated visualised air detection, which is required in dry regions with water network outage. Both have different features and if required can be mixed on site if that is more suitable to your application.

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