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Massively multiplayer online roleplaying game mmorpg is a genre of roleplaying video games in which a very large number of players interact with one another within a virtual game world. Originally released solely in french, it has since been translated into many other languages. Wakfu is a great tactical turnbased mmorpg video game by ankama games set in the time of dofus. Become the fearless warrior revered by your loyal harem of sexcrazed babes. Multiplayer strategy game that allows users to rule a country, be an entrepreneur or gather your fellow citizens to start a resistance war. Dofus is a massively multiplayer roleplaying game in which the goal is to find the six precious dofus and become master of amakna. Billed as a tactical game in an interactive comic book, the game is set in the lands of amakna, where players set out to find. Choose from one of thirtytwo character avatars and sixteen classes with unique combat systems. Os personagens sao bem elaborados, bem parecidos com a face humana, e o ambiente em 3d auxilia na interface amigavel e clara. New heroes are emerging to bring hope to a world in ruins. However, many of the classes from dofus make an appearance again so im not sure how you would feel about it. Dofus is an isometric 3d mmorpg that features a gripping but humorous story, wide variety of classes and skills plus a turnbased combat system thats tactical and appealing to gamers who prefer more strategic combat in mmos. Save valentines day in atreia, and earn yourself some gifts.

Im about to, mmo population isnt as important a people lead you to believe, just find a good guild. Sets dofus encyclopedia dofus, the tactical mmorpg. Enter the mystical land of erinn, where a centuryold. The game offers players a wide variety of class choices to pick from, and each are different and unique in style and ability the games graphics are pleasant to look at considering its age, but the visuals still leaves a lot to be desired. Our free mmo games list and forums are the best site for gamers in search of a gaming. In our compilation of mmo role playing games like ragnarok online youll find more impressive titles with unique visuals, tight communities and free to play. Dofus, on the other hand, is an mmo that will run easily on very low spec machines, making it a very accessible game for virtually anyone. Explore exotic locales, defeat mighty foes and follow. Aura kingdom is a free to download anime mmorpg offering a world full of fantasy.

Much like every other gaming directory site on the net, you may vote for any game you play by choosing it from our list of games below. I mean seriously, on my old computer i tried to fire up archeage and my processor overheated. Planet earth, under the sea, inventions, seasons, circus. Our game collection consists a variety of genres, including fps, rts, mmo, anime, and other action multiplayer games. Dofus is an mmorpg developed by codycross answers all levels. In this tactical mmorpg, you can work in multiple professions to sell your services and resources in exchange for kamas, the ingame currency. Enter a wild universe where fantasy erotica meets fun turnbased gameplay.

Exchange them for skins, full games and gaming currency. Dofus is a story driven mmo rpg where players can choose from a variety of classes and engage in tactical turnbased combat, the game holds all the trappings of a classic mmorpg from questing, dungeon raids, character levelling, combat and crafting. Theres not many mmos like them, dofus was a great game and in a league of its own imo it was among the legendary mmos during its release, wow, ro, dofus, etc. Featuring a distinctive visual style, deep turn based strategy combat and numerous classes and customization options, dofus is easily one of the most impressive 2d mmorpgs ever made.

Based on the famous and wellknown dofus fighting system, dofus arena is an adapted version for player vs player tactical battles. Mimics are on the loose and are spawning all across the world and its up to you to defeat them. Codycross is a famous newly released game which is developed by fanatee. Play the best mmo, browser, and mobile games for free. Players can join up with others from around the world and explore the realm of incarnam.

Dofus is a freetoplay mmorpg set in an amusing, colorful and enchanting world. Dofus is a 2d flashbased tactical mmorpg developed by ankama studios. Aion is a freetoplay mmorpg built on the cryengine and set in a fascinating fantasy world. Gamekit mmo games, premium currency and games for free. The world of lineage ii is a wartorn land spanning two continents, where trust and betrayal clash as three kingdoms vie for power. Dofus is nice, but i like the client for wakfu more and nothing similar to that ive come across, besides one really cool asian tactical turn based mmo, but i think it folded a few years ago. Dofus is developed using adobe flash, so it can be played browser game or using a downlodable client. The presentation video of the project will be available in the first issue of gamakna and a dedicated forum will open its door to start to share more insights with you. But please dont tell a texted based game or a game like adventure quest or dragon fable. Grand fantasia is a freetoplay massively multiplayer online roleplaying game developed by xlegend entertainment and published by aeria games. Each world has more than 20 groups with 5 puzzles each. Register now and joing the largest f2p gaming community.

Most of dofus 3 art and character designs are used in krosmaga. Engage in turnbased combat on hexagonal grids where tactical preparation is as important as your spells and gear. Whether youre a fighter or a politician, a merchant or an artisan, in wakfu, everything depends on you. By continuing to browse this website or by clicking on the x, you consent to the use of cookies that enable us to collect sitevisit statistics and offer you videos, share buttons, personalized ads, and a chat feature. Tags monstergirl collection turn based magic fantasy succubus bunnygirl character evolution catgirl western. Parchemins retrorique dofus, le mmorpg strategique. If you have enough points you can exchange them for skins. May 14, 2007 or it could be a no download like runescape. We also provide news and exclusive coverage of the mmo gaming space. As a mixture of video game and interactive animated cartoon, dofus brings a new concept within online games. The combination of everything dofus offers is the reason why its still a popular game today. The story kicks off with an ogre named as ogrest stealing all six eggs of dofus and giving them to his lover who later ditches him. This free downloadable game can also be played in a browser.

Dofus is an mmorpg that features turnbased tactical combat similar to rpgs such as disgaea or final fantasy tactics. Download the game encyclopedia tutorials store dofus forum buy kamas. Whether youre a fighter or a politician, a merchant. Is there any mmos that plays like dofus turn based. The worlds most expressive mmorpg, where you create a unique character and live your fantasy life.

Mythwar can be a good choice, though it is quite a big download. Aura kingdom is a free to download and free to play online multiplayer rpg game. Ragnarok online ro is one of the older mmo games around launching in south kora during 2002. I have read and accept the terms of, as well as the regulations for points and the collection of prizes and personal data. Codycross is an addictive game developed by fanatee. Find all of the dofus dragon eggs that grant their bearers amazing power and become the greatest hero in all of amakna. It is primarily a pay to play game, though it still offers a limited amount of free content. Collect points by playing games and completing quests. Set off on a quest to find the dofus, dragon eggs that will bestow powers and bonuses on your character, and climb to prestigious level 200. Dofus is a isometric 3d turnbased mmorpg thats been around since 2004. Are you looking for neverending fun in this exciting logicbrain app. The player takes on the role of a daeva, a winged and immortal being of aether, and must choose between two rival factions. Dofus is a flash based massively multiplayer online roleplaying game mmorpg developed and published by ankama games, a french computer game manufacturer. Dofus is a massive multiplayer online role playing game.

Register now, write your own story and join the aeria games community. With its oneiric graphics inspired by mangas, its tactical gameplay and its cynical humour, this game is in a class of its own among other mmorpgs. It has many crosswords divided into different worlds and groups. Dofus is an isometric fantasy mmorpg developed and published by ankama games.

Directory of games the greatest mmorpg games online. At first, each player must create a team made of characters armed with spells, weapons and items before they can face opponents in a 1on1 or 2on2 mode, battling in the arenas which hide many surprises. Top games is a section dedicated to those games who finish first during our month of voting. Hey guys, anyone knows a good mmo thats like dofus online. Take off into the world of fantasy mmorpg aion freetoplay and fight for the fate of your people on the ground and in the air. The biggest problem ive found with mmorpgs these days, is that you need a pretty beefy computer to run them. Massively multiplayer online roleplaying game mmorpg is a genre of roleplaying video games in which a very large number of players interact with one another within a.

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