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The vienna basin is a thinskinned pullapart basin in the alpinecarpathian transition zone that spans across eastern austria, southern czech republic and western slovakia fig. Such evidence and models from the north aegean are similar to models of transtension and pullapart basins within the sea of marmara. The dead sea is a pullapart basin formed by the relative motion of two active fault segments of the southern dead sea transform fault system dstf. The geometrical analogy has led to the notion of diapirs. The merzifonsuluova active, composite pullapart basin, turkey 474 introduction. Progresotumbes has been described as a pullapart subbasin. A pull apart basin is a basin formed when a kink or bend in a strikeslip fault forms a releasing section with normal faults along strike.

Mechanical aspects of pullapart basins and pushup swells. Geologic map of the deer island quadrangle, columbia. Wellexposed ancient pullapart basin deposits have the following characteristics in common. Structure and tectonic development of the ghab basin and. The evolution from earliest or incipient rifting to a fully developed passive margin may be divided into four stages which merge into each other, as follows. Abstract several main tectonic lineaments originating in the alps and dinarides merge in central hungary to form the midhungarian shear zone. Although active rightslip faults extend eastward past mapam yum co as described. The nwse trending basin has an ideal lazyz geometry with a length of 31. An active composite pullapart basin within the central. Scale characteristics of pullapart basins in literature present good 2d relationships between basin length and width, and basin length and depth. An outcrop analog study zaenal holis1 and benyamin sapiie2. Miocene to recent cariaco basin, offshore venezuela.

The andaman sea is a classic example of a cenozoic backarc spreading center formed in a pullapart geometry. A tectonic regime combining strikeslip movement with oblique extension. A pullapart basin is a structural basin where two overlapping en echelon faults or a fault bend creates an area of crustal extension undergoing tension, which causes the basin to sink down. They form deep depressions between two subparallel strikeslip fault segments. Southern south america petroleum provinces present and. Geometry and subsidence history of the dead sea basin. Searle, 2007, followed by a crustal block west of the sagaing fault burma platelet becoming. Frequently, the basins are rhombic or sigmoidal in shape. Extension of the north anatolian fault into the north. Western thailand and eastern myanmar underwent transpressional crustal thickening and metamorphism during the paleogene as a consequence of subduction barley et al.

Basin analysis basin analysis is a process that requires the. During late devonian to namurian times 370315 ma, the midland valley and. For the same purpose, the first use of the term pullapart basin by burchfiel and stewart. The basin gradually shallows southward for 50 km from the only significant transverse normal fault. Pullapart basins begin as a result of transform related tectonics and may culminate as rift zones mann et al. Pullapart basins and pushup swells are common features at steps along strikeslip faults. This entire class of basins, therefore, has a paleotectonic riftbasin or riftbounded graben, or pullapart basin as the setting for some, or all, of its source rocks. Dimensionally, basins are limited to the distance between the faults and the length of overlap. Dead sea rift, syria, pullapart basins, seismic methods, tectonics.

Ambientnoise tomography of the wider vienna basin region. Transform fault at continental plate boundaries basin and range. Pullapart basins begin as a result of transformrelated tectonics and may culminate as rift zones mann et al. Transform and transcurrentfault strikeslip basins relatively small, elongate, rapid subsidence 14. In order to determine the tectonic mechanism for the formation of the cariaco basin i. Flexural basin reworked by saltrelated pullapart structures. Alluvial facies architecture and the role of climate and tectonics in basinfan systems, death valley, california abstract pullapart basins are common structural features in strikeslip regimes that have significant petroleum potential. Transtension pullapart basins are topographic depressions that form at. New and compiled map data from several areas, including the. In many non orogenic areas, domes and basins have resulted from the active ascent of mobile rocks. Pullapart basin formation and development in narrow. The synkinematic stra ta are generally flat or gently dipping, and deformed only at the basin margins by the terraced sidewall fault systems.

Both of them are sinistral strike slip faults, however, the waf has slightly faster sliprate than the jvf. Combining satellite and seismic images to analyse the shallow structure. In comparison to other geothermal fields in the great basin, the blue mountain system is probably more complex than either a simple step over in a normal fault zone e. Geologic map of the deer island quadrangle, columbia county, oregon and cowlitz county, washington. Quennell, who was the first to recognize a pullapart basin without using this term, proposed that the dead sea is a void in the crust caused by the overlapping segments of the dead sea fault zone. We interpret the shallow lake represents a more involved version of the pullapart basin described in the previous section. We present a series of laboratory experiments specifically designed to study pullapart basin formation and development in narrow transform fault zones like the dead sea figure 1.

Pull apart basins that have developed with transtensional the relative motion of the crustal. The basinbounding faults are not the permanent boundaries of the main fault segment of the stepover dooley and mcclay, 1997. Pullapart basin age and rate of motion do not correlate with its length to width ratio aydin and nur, 1982. Both systems merge in the south along the eastern boundary of mapam yum co. These basins are called pullapart basins because the crust is literally pulled apart in the section between the two strikeslip faults. Due to its special location in this transition zone it has a complex tectonic history, which has been influenced by the changing tectonic regimes in the last 18. Geometry, kinematics, and landscape characteristics of an. In geology, a basin is a region where subsidence generates accommodation space for the deposition of sediments. A preliminary structural model for the blue mountain. The portland basin has been interpreted as a pullapart basin located in the releasing stepover between two.

Dropdown formation of deep basins along the dead sea and other. We combine damage rheology reproducing brittle rock deformation in the seismogenic zone with powerlaw. The formation of these basins is usually explained by a pull apart mechanism that predicts a. In the third dimension, the depth of the pullapart basin is related to the length in an equation presented by. Pullapart basins are extensional sedimentary basins, controlled by strikeslip fault systems burchfiel and stewart, 1966. Pdf 4d analogue modelling of transtensional pullapart basins. Structural mechanism comprises overstep basin and faultbend basin figure 1. Rhomboidal basins, which have larger basin length than the amount of motion, form in overlapping systems and do not progress through the spindle.

Stepover basins transtensional or pull apart basins c. Mechanical aspects of pullapart basins and pushup swells with applications to the dead sea transform. Stepovers result from the separation of the trace of a fault into two sections separated by a slab of lithosphere aydin and nur, 1982. Pages in category pull apart basins the following 7 pages are in this category, out of 7 total. The physiographic valley is a type example of a pullapart basin burchfiel and stewart, 1966, bound by the panamint valleyhunter mountain fault system on the east and north. As these structures are hidden beneath subbasins of the neogene pannonian basin, it has long been debated whether the. In nonmarine environments, facies architecture in pullapart basins is controlled by tectonics and climate. Pdf a comparative study of well mapped active and ancient pullapart basins suggests a qualitative model for their continuous development. Pdf the sumatran fault has been subjected of scientific researches for decades. Comparison of 3d data from the wellknown active and ancient pullapart basins suggests that there may be an empirical relationship among the length, width, and depth parameters in 3d. The peru bank is part of the cretaceouspaleogene assessment unit. The sea of marmara is modeled by some as a pullapart basin with several.

Structure and tectonic development of the ghab basin and the dead sea fault system, syria graham brew 1. The fpaz has the potential to influence groundwater flow in the region in several ways. Releasing stepovers extensional or bends often undergo subsidence, forming a rhomb graben or a pullapart basin if the section is sealed by faults. If it exists, this structure may merge in some fashion with the frontal fault zone in the vicinity of. Pullapart basin evolution is characterized by the initial development of a spindle graben bounded by oblique. The satpura basin, bounded by fault lineaments merging with leftstepping strikeslip zones. Mohr diagram describes lowfriction weakening mechanism.

Basin to better understand the evolution of the gar basin and strikeslip basins along doublebend systems in general. A comparative study of well mapped active and ancient pullapart basins suggests a qualitative model for their continuous development. Benavraham editor, sedimentary basins within the dead sea and other rift zones. Meanwhile, kinematic models include overlap of sidestepping faults, slip on divergent fault segments, and coalescence of scaledependent basins. The tectonic framework of a complex pullapart basin. We model the threedimensional 3d crustal deformation in a deep pullapart basin as a result of relative plate motion along a transform system and compare the results to the tectonics of the. The dublinnorthumberland graben is superimposed on the iapetus suture fig.

The geodynamic model boundary conditions forces the formation of pullapart basins. Pdf development of pullapart basins dwight bradley. The kashmir basin i s suggested to have formed through a piggyback basin deformation style, however new studies alam et al. The gar basin is an 20kmwide by 60kmlong, rhomboidshaped basin. Fault interpretation aims to classify sumatran fault pullapart basins in terms of structural. Stratigraphic relationships there indicate basin elongation with time. The basin is divided from north to south into the paleogene santa elena subbasin, and the neogene progreso and tumbes subbasins. Frictional properties of natural fault gouge from a low. Such domes and basins resemble structures that develop spontaneously in a system where a heavy fluid is laid above a lighter fluid. These styles of faulting merge at greater depths into a single fault. A pullapart basin is a structural basin where two overlapping faults or a fault bend creates an area of crustal extension undergoing tension, which causes the basin to sink down. Psfractured basement reservoirs characterization in central sumatera basin, kotopanjang area, riau, western indonesia.

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