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Also, the puzzles leading to the clues are confusing and the romantic subplot feels clumsily put together. Watch a video interview with gordon korman, the author of book 2 in the series. Mission titanic by jude watson available from rakuten kobo. Countdown by natalie standiford available from rakuten kobo. In 2010 scholastic published agent handbook, which explores the techniques that the clue hunters in the series use to find clues, and the black book of buried secrets, which provides more information about events in the series. Mission hindenburg is the second book in the doublecross series. Four authors wrote the book dividing the book up into four. Gordon korman is the author of the 39 clues book 2. See more ideas about the 39 clues, collectible cards and good books. The quest is fastpaced, danger lies around every corner, and deception will keep you guessing. Borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and videos from thousands of public libraries worldwide.

Life or death the clock has run out for thirteenyearold dan cahill. This page belongs to the 39 clues section of this wiki. Track down one of their top agents and go behind enemy lines to retrieve crucial evidence before the next deadly attack. The book starts and ends with fun flourishes and twists but it also gets to the heart of what the four cahill branches are really fighting over and its not all that original. The cahills need help uncovering information about a dangerous new enemythe vespers. The 39 clues is a series of adventure novels written by a collaboration of authors, including. Buy a discounted hardcover of the maze of bones online from australias leading online bookstore. Watch a video interview with rick riordan, the series creator of the 39 clues. Embedded within the series are incentives to buy more cards, register on a 39 clues web site, and enter a contest with cash prizes.

For a 39 clues fan, there is ample reading material for them to take in. Grace is the last matriarch of the cahills, the worlds most powerful family. But first, you have to read the book to know about gideons ring in four stories. Print classroom activities worksheets and teachers guide for the 39 clues, books 1 through 4. The 39 clues complete boxed set 111 and digital cards rick riordan on. Join dan and amy on their adventure in search of the 39 clues. The 39 clues vesper rising the 39 clues vesper rising was the last book of the series of the 39 clues. Doublecross book 1 mission titanic because i never read this book before even though i love titanic so much that i have a picture frame of titanic herself and her twin sister olympic on my wall in my room and also i have a poster of titanic and 3 books of titanic 1 is unsinkable, 2 is colition course, and 3 is sos. He was raised to believe that the cahills were weaklings and that the power of the clues belonged in vesper hands. Key among them are amy and dan cahill, a brother and sister team determined to discover graces secrets. The books follow fourteenyearold amy cahill and her elevenyearold brother dan as they travel the world to hunt for the clues. The 39 clues complete boxed set 111 and digital cards.

The 39 clues books also have 5 spin off series cahills vs vespers, rapid fire, the cahill files, unstoppable and doublecross. Again, these stories all have interchanging authors that each add their own spin on the action adventure storytelling, whilst ensuring the style of the novels is kept consistent. Arthur trent was born into a family with close ties to the vespers the only other family that knows about the 39 clues excluding the cahills. You can learn things about the world from the 39 clues whether you are.

Then thereafter, there is a third series called unstoppable. The cahills need help uncovering information about a dangerous new enemy the vespers. The 39 clues cheats, walkthrough, cheat codes, trainer. Codes are simple sentences that show secretive cahill activity hidden in the books. Vespers rising the 39 clues, book 11 by rick riordan. This is great entertainment for children or adults with lots of plot twists and interesting locales. As of june 11, 2010, the 39 clues series had been on the new york times. He had been sent to turkey to find hope and make her fall in love with him. This is the second book ive read this month that has a titanic ii in it, which was a little. Follow the leader at only seventeen years old, ian kabra is head of the cahills, the most powerful family in the world. Booktopia has the maze of bones, the 39 clues series. The first book and storyline were written by rick riordan. Then visit amy and ian in the 39 clues zone to receive your mission briefing. I dont know anyone in that age group but if i did i would recommend this.

See the complete the 39 clues series book list in order, box sets or omnibus editions, and companion titles. Amy cahill brefing the dead of night mission 3 the 39 lues cahills vs vespers. At only 17years old, ian kabra is head of the cahills, the most powerful family in the world. There is going to be a second part, but not for a while.

Minutes before she died grace cahill changed her will, leaving her descendants an impossible decision. Vespers book 4 shatterproof, unstoppable book 4 flashpoint, and double cross book 4 mission atomic. Apparently this is a new 39 clues series and is very popular for children in the 912 age group. Scholastic has expanded the 39 clues universe with several books. A cahill from the past calling himself the outcast has risen to challenge ian. Minutes before she died grace cahill changed her will, leaving her decendants an impossible decision. The 39 clues collection 11 books set pack plus 66 digital game cards find codes. The 39 clues complete boxed set 1 11 and digital cards. In it, you have to track down vesper agent casper wyoming and see if he has left any important documents after attempting to capture amy and dan. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read the 39 clues. Nothing harmful, and books have certainly had associated merchandise before. When seven members of their family were kidnapped by a sinister organization known as the vespers, thirteenyearold dan cahill and his older sister, amy, vowed theyd stop at nothing to brin. The 39 clues books feature 14yearold amy cahill and her younger brother dan on a quest to discover the secret behind their familys power.

Read the 39 clues book the maze of bones by rick riordan available from rakuten kobo. Ian knows hes an ideal leader and the only man enough for the job. The 39 clues complete collection book 1 to 11 pack 66 digital cards maze of bones, one false note,sword thief, beyond the grave,black circle, in too deep, the vipers nest, the emperors code, torm warning, into the gauntlet the 39 clues, 111 39 clues by rick riordan. The 39 clues complete boxed set 1 11 and digital cards rick riordan on. You can learn things about the world from the 39 clues whether you are old or young. Youre inside a building, where you got a call from ian kabra. After being thrown out of the mansion, the outcast challenges ian. Above are 39 clues series books that are currently on. A complete walkthrough of the training mission with commentary. He has recreated four of historys worst tragedies, and ian must stop them before innocent people get killed. This gives this new series a tie in with the previous series.

Four authors wrote the book dividing the book up into four sections chapters. The maze of bones is the first book in the series, written by rick riordan and. Dec 19, 2016 ideas for the possible tv show, pictures for the collectable cards, fan art, and photos from cahill travel locations. When old grace cahill kicks the bucket, her will reveals the first in a series of secrets that will take her heirs on an adventure around the world. She lives in katonah, new york with her husband and daughter.

Book 8 in the 39 clues series is comparable to this book in the way certain elements interfered with the progress of the cahills. Characters timeline puzzles surveillance codes clue unlocks cahill web registration book 1 book 2 book 3 book 4 book 5 book 6 book 7 book 8 book 9 book 10 agent handbook black book of buried secrets. Each book offers a clue that leads to the source which of course totals 39 clues that leads to the answer. There is, as mentioned, more series within these novels, and the second one is called cahills vs vespers, and begins with a book called the medusa plot. There has even been a viral marketing campaign involving myspace and youtube. Everyone from napoleon to houdini is related to the cahills, yet the source of the family power is lost. Love the way rick riordan tells a story and teaches us a little history.

I loved the book, but the cliffhanger at the end was even cooler. Night time in the mountains 10 hours of hd frogs, crickets, cicadas and other insects. In this mission, you are tracking nella chain, really anne cahill who was a cahill survivor of the titanic the clue can also be unlocked by combining the lost clue card combo. Here are the books in that series and the books in the series that followed the original 39 clues titles. He has presidents on speed dial, generals at his beck and call. Jude watson is the author of four 39 clues books, beyond the grave, in too deep, vespers rising, and a kings ransom, along with the bestselling star wars. These two are not the only chahills looking for the clues which makes for a dramatic story line. Ian knows hes an ideal leader and the only man for the job. David pittu does an excellent job narrating this book and bringing it to life. Now the clues race is on, and young amy and dan must decide whats important. As judy blundell, she wrote what i saw and how i lied, the 2008 winner of the national book award for young peoples literature. Youre inside a building, where you got a call from.

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